Tuesday, August 03, 2004


LL2B.COM devices eAdmin tool

A news item that appeared in The Economic Times, July 29, 2004, in the Economy Section (page 3) is reproduced below:


LL2B.COM devices e-admin tool

Our Chennai Bureau 28 July

A Chennai based firm IT has found a good scope for its web enabled e-administration tool using open source technology. Which can help to introduce work-flow and document management for tracking all activities and ensure timely response to customers.

LL2B.COM is focused on developing and implementing its web enabled, platform independent, paperless office solution using open source technology. It has implemented the tool for the state-owned Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu (ELCOT) and it is in operation for the last 10 months.

ELCOT and the firm bagged an order from Pondicherry Electronics Corporation to computerize the Industrial Guidance Bureau of the Pondicherry Government. An integrated e-Platform connecting 21 departments including municipalities and panchayats in Pondicherry has been implemented.

Now, the firm has offered the basic solution free to end users. Mr. V.D.G. Krishnan, President & CEO of LL2B.COM said, since the solution uses only open source technology, the end users need not invest in any licensed software, including operating system. This is in line with the policy of Governments to promote the technology.


"e-Administration" can help to transform the administration of any Government / Organization, to bring in transparency and accountability and prevent failures.

V D G Krishnan
ICT Specialist
5211 5995.

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