Sunday, July 31, 2011


How to fight poverty

In my opinion, poverty is invariably self perpetuating. It breeds where the environment is conducive for its existence and growth. It survives and grows with all those individuals, families and communities who do not take express interest to shake off poverty and come out of poverty. It makes people feel comfortable just to remain in it and complain about it and living it out rather than doing something to drive it away.

One sure way to eradicate poverty would be to create a level playing field and opportunities for all irrespective of any categorization. This can be achieved by ensuring equitable distribution of resources between the haves and have-nots. To achieve this there must be a rigorous resource mapping - supply and demand of various resources. There must be contribution from all towards proper harnessing of resources and prevent abuse of resources. Unique identification and tracking of all resource availability, utilization, demand would help in resource gap identification. Then ways to bridge the gap can be evolved.

The right tools to track online and on real time basis such demand and supply bottom up from the local to the global level through an e-Network using a model of spokes and hub can ensure every entity and resource is mapped. This alone can aid in definitive action rather than just eulogizing about poverty and not taking critical action.

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