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e-Administration for a paperless office

Reproduced below is an article on Tamil Nadu Government’s initiative in paperless administration that appeared in The New Indian Express of July 6, 2004:

Tamil Nadu Government sets sight on a paperless administration

Tuesday July 6 2004 00:00 IST CHENNAI:

The Tamil Nadu Government has taken its first steps towards realising its goal of a paperless administration.After having successfully installed a document management system software in the main server at its Corporate office at Nandanam here, and integrated it with its communication division at Perungudi, about 10 km south, the Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu (Elcot) has taken it further by intalling it in the office of the Secretary, Information Technology department, at the Secretariat 10 km to the north.

The result? Information Secretary Vivek Harinanarain, who is also the Elcot chairman, can use the new work-flow tool to track every function that comes under him. The software, ‘e-Administration’, connects 75 senior Elcot officials and 15 IT department Officials at the Secretariat on a single, web-based platform.

‘e-Administration’ is a web-enabled, browser independent, paperless office tool, developed by a Chennai company, Life Line to (, using Java open source technology. It runs on Linux open source platform with Oracle 9i as the back end.‘‘The initiative has helped us to convert Elcot from a traditional paper file-based office, to a truly modern electronic office,’’ beams Elcot chairman Sudip Jain. From routine communication to clearing of files, workflow in Elcot is now paperless.

Among other things the tool involves hierarchy management to provide for creating roles, responsibility and relations between various levels, document management and workflow management. It can generate periodic reports in different formats.‘‘The idea is to create transparency and efficiency. Every senior official at Elcot, limited to his role in the hierarchy, can track the movement of any file as the entire chain of command is connected. The status of every file can now be had at the click of the mouse. The entire task of file processing and transaction is speeded up,’’ says VDG Krishnan, CEO of

In fact, within a few months of installing it in its corporate office, Elcot received a citation of merit during the National Convention of e-Governance held in Chennai in November last year.

Encouraged by the success of the system, Elcot entered into an agreement with to market e-Administration as an ICT solution, and has already bagged and almost completed execution of its first order from the Government of Pondicherry. has developed and intsalled a customised e-Administration package for the Podicherry Industrial Guidance Bureau, connecting several agencies and departments involved in giving clearances, including the Pollution Control Committee, Water supply and sewerage agency, Electricity Board and 20 municipalities and panchayats.

‘‘What we have done is to create a single-window system of clearance of industrial proposals. All approvals or rejection of proposals to set up industrial units can be now be done on-line by the department or agency concerned. Transparency and accountability are the key words. The status of any application can be tracked by an authorised personnel at any given time, and the reasons for rejection of proposal or delays for the approval of the proposals can easily be found out on-line. The entrepreneur need not run from pillar to post,’’ says Krishnan.

With the state government planning aggressive promotion of e-governance in 21 departments and agencies, Elcot is working at implementation of the system in some more departments at the Secretariat to make governance ‘‘less paper’’ if not paperless. It has also recommended implementation of customised LL2B packages in agencies like CMDA and CMWSS Board.

‘‘Such work flow management systems can lead to enormous savings to the government in terms of manhours as well as cost of creating and maintaining paper files,’’ says a senior official.

Krishnan V D G


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