Saturday, July 24, 2004


e-Governance for better governance


LL2B.COM PVT LTD (Life Line to Business), a little known ChennaiCompany, has been in the news recently, for developing a webenabled, platform independent, browser independent, paperless officesolution, using open source technology, called "e-Administration".

They have installed at ELCOT, Chennai, a trial version, which isrunning satisfactorily for the last 10 months. This has helped ELCOTto become a truely paperless office, ushering in, transparency andaccountability, along with it.

Secretary, Information Technology, who is also the Chairman of ELCOTcan monitor all activities of ELCOT, electronically, sitting in hisoffice in the Secretariat. The MD of ELCOT can clear files, evenwhen he is away from office.

ELCOT, having first hand knowledge about the use of the product, hasentered into a marketing agreement with LL2B.COM, to market thepaperless office solution, for a period of 3 years.

ELCOT / LL2B.COM bagged a prestigious order from PondicherryElectronics Limited for implementing an integrated, single windowclearance, e-Platform, for Indstrial Guidance Bureau, Dept. ofIndustrial Development, Govt. of Pondicherry, within a period of 21days. The basic software was offered free of cost.

Towards its social commitment to further the e-Governanceinitiative, LL2B.COM has come forward, to offer the basic "e-Administration" software, free of cost to any userorganization. "Only the cost of customization, installation,training, hand holding and annual maintenance are payable by theusers" said Mr. V D G Krishnan, ICT Specialist and President ofLL2B.COM.

The "e-Administration" tool can help to empower every employe in the entire vertical hierarchy of any organization, to set targets ateach level, monitor the satisfactory performance, from the bottommost to the top most, thereby helping to better serve citizens &customers. This tool can help to transform the entire society.

Mr. Krishnan said, it is now upto the user organizations to takeadvantage of this offer to usher in e-Governance, transparency andaccountability in their working. LL2B.COM may be contacted at 52115995, Chennai or

ps this is not a sales pitch. But a genuine offer. I am notexpecting any pecuniary benefits from anyone on this offer.

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