Monday, December 28, 2009


Freedom or Slavery - an introspection


Dear fellow citizens,

As I write this note, there are about 3 billion people, the world over, whose main attention is riveted on the question, whether they would get their next meal and if so, from where; and may be there are an equal number, who may be planning, how they would spend their time and money, to enjoy their next meal!!

We may think, we have achieved FREEDOM as nations from the foreign masters; but hardly do we realize, that we have got into a bigger slavery - slavery of hunger, poverty, disease, illiteracy, unemployment, famine, floods, etc.

Slavery from genuine wants such as clean water, sanitation, hygienic and healthy food, minimum clothing, all weather proof housing, education, employment, freedom of speech, fear of life, etc.

We are living in a world of constant fear - fear of life, liberty, property, etc.

We have created so many divisions and sub-divisions within our own lives, community and society, by which we have put shackles around our mind and body and made ourselves immobile from the freedom of free living.

We are living in a Hippocratic world, where we like to flaunt our wealth and make others feel small in front of us. We don't have the courage to feel strong in front of others. We have built an inferiority complex around ourselves.

We have no pride left in us. We have no pure blood circulating within us. In fact, it is not our own blood; we are living on borrowed blood - a borrowed life (a provocative statement to sink in the reality).

It's time, we changed all these. And change we must, to create a new world order. We need a new world order - a world order free of social, cultural, spiritual, ethical, ecological, economic, ... poverty, which we have institutionalized over the generations.

We need a new world order where no individual, family, community, society need live in fear or danger of annihilation - self created or forced from outside.

We need a new world order - neither capitalist nor communist nor socialist. I would like to call it "TRANSPARENTIST", for all round peace and prosperity.

We need a new world order where every activity of every individual and organization is transparent and accountable to the whole world. Where we need fear none and hide none.

Our confidence in our internal strength must be unshakable by any power on earth and we must do all that is within our power to create all round peace and prosperity.

The life on earth is short. We are born without our own permission and we are going to die without our permission. We are born naked and alone and we are going to die naked and alone. We are not going to carry any wealth with us, when we die. Most people live poor, to die rich!

The wealth we bequeath to our progeny's is not going to support them for their entire life time. They should know how to stand on their own legs and survive the vagaries of life.

So it is best we live a decent and noble life of our own and die a peaceful death. We should contribute our mite for the growth of the society and leave a better world, when we die, than when we entered in, on our birth. This must be the goal of every individual.

The current day general pervading feeling among the youth and adults alike is, survive somehow; grow somehow; become rich somehow. The means need not justify the ends - cheat, loot, plunder, etc. Somehow avoid being caught. Even if caught, somehow try to escape. We are seeing this all around us, day in and day out - from mighty to meek, all follow the same methodology.

Our present value systems must change. We need value based living, where everyone should be treated equal. We feel powerful before the powerless; and powerless before the powerful. This is animal instinct - survival of the fittest.

I know some /. many may not agree and jump on me; but, for the long term survival of mankind, we need to create a new and better world order, than what we are in today. Not just economic prosperity; not just material prosperity; but all round prosperity. Lest we would continue to see, more and more of the problems of mankind, that we are seeing today.

May peace be unto all.

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