Thursday, January 28, 2010


Transforming society

Many right thinking citizens have launched / joined new political organizations that have sprouted with a promise to create a clean government and offer good governance to the citizens, if elected. But they are not able survive the onslaught of big political prties with huge funds and sort-term promises to the poorer sections of society,just to appease them to catch their attention and vote.

Instead why not pitch for transparency and accountability in all actions of all individuals and organizations. It would help save thousands of crores of tax payers' money and help transform communities and society.

We can move away from Governance and instead move towards self-administration in a transparent way where any one and every one can voice their views and cast thier vote on any subject without fear or favour.

This would drive away the fly-by-night and get-rich-quick politicians, middlemen, businessmen, bureaucrats, etc. We can do away with many of the present day unproductive employment and services which only helps to propogate more and more of their clan to the detriment of the larger community and society.

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Good post but I found the acronyms a little distracting.
Why not use full forms for readers like to me who know the broad subject but are not conversant with the short forms?
I think that if you wish to reach people, you have to write simply. At least that is my opinion!
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