Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Save Indian Democracy

The brazen display of hard cash on the floor of the parliament given as bribe in the cash for vote is a shame on Indian democracy.

We are living in kleptocracy. One Telgi scam could cost the exchequer Rs. 30,000 crores. the non performing assets of nationalised banks is a whopping Rs. 200,000 crores.

Corruption and bribery is the order of the day. Demonetize currency. Ban currency circulation. Introduce Biometric Smart card linked to a single bank account as Debit Card for all transactions and make it public to root out corruption.

Liberate India from all predators out to swindle the nation and keep us free from corruption.

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Lol at kleptocracy...made my day.
So true!!!

Keep up the good work!!!

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With corruption being driven by the politicians, they will never introduce anything to curtail corruption.
What we need is a mass revolution against corruption by the people of India.
Nice presentation of blog...
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"Bribe the voter" is the mantra today.
Cash for Votes
Appeasement for Votes
Freebeeis for Votes
Promises for Votes
alone Would take the Candidates to Parliament!

It was Citizens who bribed the Politicianns, judges, IAS, IPS etc

Come Elections. Role Reverse and Politicians Bribe Citizens, But IAS, IPS etc. Bribe Politicians
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Lot of people is getting valuable information from this post. Thanks for post.
Great blog Keep it up!

[India Doctor]
We can't save, its like dream. Its in the worst situation.

Thank you..
Reshma M,
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